AnatomyOne is an online, single-source solution for mastering and teaching anatomy. This comprehensive, integrated anatomy resource includes text, a variety of image types, a dissection guide, and assessment tools designed to help medical students master anatomy. AnatomyOne’s customizable teaching tools give faculty the flexibility to create and enhance the student learning experience.


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Text Resources

  • 90 Body Region Modules:

  • More than 90 modules to help learn from a regional perspective.
  • 175 Body System Modules:

  • Over 175 systemic modules help students learn about the body systems.
  • 450 Clinical Insights: Over 450 Clinical Insight modules help students understand the clinical relevance of the anatomy they are learning.
  • Embryology: AnatomyOne includes several modules to introduce students to the principles of embryology.
  • Histology: Students can learn about tissues, epithelium, and connective tissues in the Histology section.
  • Structural Patterns: Each body region category has a module that discusses the patterns of the structures in that region.
  • 54 Dissection Guide Labs: Students can use the Dissection Guide as an in-depth revies guide to prepare for lab, or as a to-the-point, step-by-step guide during lab.

Image Resources

  • Illustrations: Thousands of rich, colourful illustrations created by Amirsys medical illustrators.
  • Cadaver Photographs: Hundreds of meticulous prosection photos created by renowned anatomists Mark Nielsen and Shawn Miller.
  • Radiologic Images: Drawn from the world's largest repository of radiologic images, owned by Amirsys.
  • Histology Images: Courtesy of Amirsys pathology imaging and Dr. David Morton.

Assessment Tools

  • Over 1,700 Questions: Over 1,700 anatomy multiple choice questions and USMLE-style questions covering every body region and system.
  • Anatomy Multiple Choice: Multiple choice questions (MCQs) assess each student's comprehension and help students prepare for lectures and exams.
  • USMLE-Style Questions: USMLE-Style questions cover clinical concepts and help students prepare for USMLE Step 1.
  • Assessment with Every Module: Assessment are associated with each module.

Personalized Study Tools

  • Choose a learning plan: Students can choose a learning path through the AnatomyOne resources that best fits their needs. They can choose one of AnatomyOne's pre-built learning plans or they can follow their professor's course outline.
  • See AnatomyOne through a Custom Learning Plan: After choosing a Learning Plan, students will see only the AnatomyOne content included in the Learning Plan so they can stay focused on what they are required to learn. A toggle button allows them to explore content not included in the plan.
  • Take Notes: Take notes. Every note goes into a master AnatomyOne notebook, with links directly to the module sections they apply to.
  • Mark Favorites: Mark favorite modules and access favorites from the AnatomyOne master notebook.
  • Share Links: Share links to AnatomyOne resources with friends who have AnatomyOne.

Efficiency Features

  • OneLook: Roll over OneLook terms in the text to see the term definition, modules related to the term, and images the term appears in.
  • Toggle between Systemic, Regional, and Clinical Perspectives: Move seamlessly between systemc, regional, and clinical perspectives to understand each anatomic structure in the greater context of the body.
  • Powerful Search: Use AnatomyOne's advanced Google Search engine to narrow in on the types of text, images, and glossary terms you are searching for.

Instructor Tools and Resources

  • Pre-Built Course Outlines: Assign one of AnatomyOne's pre-built course outlines to students, or begin with a pre-built outline and modify it to meet your needs.
  • Customized Course Outlines: Create custom Course Outlines that guide students through AnatomyOne resources. Course Outlines can include links to all module types, including dissection guide modules; links to custom atlases; and links to outside websites.
  • Custom Atlases: Hand-pick images to include in customized, saved atlases. Share atlases with students to help them prepare for lectures, tests, or labs.
  • Download to PowerPoint: Export any custom atlas to lecture slides. Each label is easily customizable within the PowerPoint environment.
  • Share Links: Share links to AnatomyOne resources, such as anatomy modules, Clinical Insight topics, dissection labs, images, and custom atlases.


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  • Annual License based on purchase date
  • No maintenance fees and continually updated at no charge
  • Single user access only with username and password.
Group & Institutional Licenses
  • Groups and Institutions can make group purchases for a specific number of individual users.
Faculty Access
  • Faculty receive complimentary access when adopting AnatomyOne into their course syllabus.

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Technical Requirements

Access via the Internet using an individual username and password from a computer or mobile device that supports one of the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 8 or 9
  • Current version of Firefox
  • Current version of Chrome
  • Current version of Safari