ImmunoQuery is the definitive expert and evidence-based decision support system for immunohistochemistry. With references based on well over 1,000,000 cases and more than 38,000 antibody/diagnosis relationships, ImmunoQuery assists pathologists in diagnosing the most difficult cases. ImmunoQuery is best suited for pathologists and groups who order IHC tests.


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ImmunoQuery determines the best panel of antibodies that will aid in the differential diagnosis of tumors, especially given the proliferation of commercial antibody reagents.

Build Panels

  • Build Diagnoses (Dx) Panel: Query up to three specific diagnoses to generate these panels:
    • Comprehensive Panel is a ranked list of all antibodies in the Immunoquery database that can differentiate between the tumors you entered.
    • Suggested Panel lists the minimum number of top differentiating antibodies the evidence recommends, based on both the strength of the antibody and the number of references reporting data on the antibody/diagnosis staining combination.
    • Ask an Expert lists numerous pathology specialists' recommended antibodies for selected diagnosis panels.
  • Build Antibody (Ab) Panel: Query up to three antibodies to get a list of all combinations of reactivity patterns to tested diagnoses in the database. See a list of diagnoses that stain under each antibody combination.
  • Supported by Over 1,000,000 Cases: The panels are supported by ImmunoQuery's database of more than 4,600 peer-reviewed references, which include over 1,'000,000 cases and more than 38,000 antibody/diagnosis relationships.

Learn about Antibodies and Diagnoses

  • Learn About an Antibody: See images clones, and clone-related information for each antibody. Review meta-analysis for each top-tested diagnosis and click on links to the supporting references.
  • Learn About a Diagnosis: View images for H&E and antibody stains, lists of discrete diagnoses that stain similarly to each other, information about the staining patterns for the associated antibodies, and links to the supporting references.
  • Diagnosis Details: When analysing your panels, Diagnosis Details gives insight into the statistical data for each antibody/diagnosis combination. Details include the # of references (Ref), mean percent positivity (Pos), of cases, and 95% confidence interval range(CI). Note: CI is a measurement of the mean percent positivity. The smaller the range, the more statistically valid the data.


  • Powerful Search: Search for antibodies and diagnoses using aliases, acronyms, synonyms, and partial word stems.
  • Set Sensitivity: When building a Diagnosis Panel, define the staining sensitivity levels that should be considered positive for your search. Levels are based on positive NOS, diffuse, focal, and no reactivity.
  • Choose the Number of References: When building a Diagnosis Panel, you can choose the minimum number of references you will accept in your panel that reported on a particular diagnosis/antibody combination.

Keep Track of your Cases

  • Save a Panel: Save your Diagnosis Panel queries for future analysis against your staining results.
  • Analyze Results: Open a saved panel and enter your staining results. The star-ranking algorithm will suggest the most likely diagnosis based on the evidence.


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  • Annual License based on purchase date
  • No maintenance fees and continually updated at no charge
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  • Single user access only with username and password
Group & Institutional Licenses
  • Multi-user access purchased by Concurrent User (CU) seat
  • Concurrent User (CU) Seat Model: Number of concurrent user seats indicates number of simultaneous users.
    • Licenses are sold in sets of 2 CU seats
    • Larger groups may require more than one CU Seat to adequately meet their utilization needs
Academic Trainee License
  • Special licensing available to radiology trainees only
  • Access through username and password only
  • Each license includes 5 Concurrent User Seats

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Technical Requirements

Access via the Internet using an individual username and password from a computer or mobile device that supports one of the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 7 or higher
  • Current version of Firefox
  • Current version of Chrome
  • Current version of Safari