RAD Primer

RADPrimer is a learning environment that helps radiology trainees and radiologists sharpen diagnostic skills and increase knowledge. This web-based application is ideal for radiology residents/trainees. Radiology groups and institutions can track trainee learning and progress along with documentation and reporting capabilities.


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Technical Requirements



Expert Vetted Content

  • Names You Know - Content You Trust: Amirsys team of experts contributes a lifetime of subspecialty expertise to your learning experience.
  • Comprehensive Assessment Library: Extensive library of case-based learning assessments.

Defined Comprehensive Radiology Curriculum

  • Curriculum across All Core Disciplines: Access quality content and cases that cover specific diagnoses, anatomy, and differential diagnoses across all core disciplines.
  • Organized by Discipline: Learning topics and case challenges are topically organized by core discipline.

Individual Module

  • Customizable Learning Environment: The customizable environment includes assessment and learning modes which allow you to target specific areas for improvement and flag key diagnoses, differential diagnoses, or anatomy for future review.
  • Self-Assessment: Customize quizzes by core discipline, pathology, difficulty, new questions, and previous questions.
  • Track Progress: Track your personal progress, quiz scores, and study time by core discipline.

Faculty / Administrative Module

  • Track Trainee Performance and Progress: Track trainees by year or assignment and run custom reports on individual trainees or assignment. Reports show detailed post-quiz results. Dashboard alerts and email notifications let you monitor due dates and trainee assignment completion.
  • Customize Assessments: Create and assign customizable quizzes across core disciplines. Choose predefined assessments created by Amirsys experts, such as Pre-Call. Customizable quiz questions cover multiple difficulty levels.
  • ACGME Documentation: Document resident learning and assessment by core discipline and get a comprehensive summary report by individual. Reports can be printed or saved as PDF.


Purchase Options

License Information
  • Annual License based on purchase date
  • No maintenance fees and continually updated at no charge
  • Current STATdx license required
Individual Module
  • Purchased by individuals or institutions
  • Discounts on group purchases of 5 individuals or more
Faculty Administrative License
  • Purchased by groups or academic institutions
  • Tiered pricing model based on size of group
  • All teaching and administrative staff receive access when purchasing the faculty module

Price Quotes: Please contact Yvonne Berger


Technical Requirements

Access via the Internet using an individual username and password from a computer or mobile device that supports one of the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 8 or 9
  • Current version of Firefox
  • Current version of Chrome
  • Current version of Safari