STATdx is a point-of-care diagnostic decision support system for working and studying radiologists. STATdx increases speed, accuracy and confidence in diagnosing complex imaging cases. Its online format ensures that users can have access to on-demand, comprehensive radiology information where and when it is needed – in the hospital, in the imaging center, or at home.


STATdx Features
STATdx Premier Features
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Technical Requirements


STATdx Features

Names you know. Contents you trust.

  • 4,000 Expert-Written Diagnoses: More than 4,000 diagnoses written by the world’s leading experts in radiology.
  • 1,000,000 Images: STATdx includes over 1,000,000 images, including x-ray, CT, MR and ultrasound images.
  • Comprehensive Topics: Each diagnosis topic includes Key Facts, Terminology, Imaging Findings, Differential Diagnosis, Pathology, Clinical Issues, Diagnostic Checklist, and Selected References linked to PubMed.

Expert Differential Diagnosis

  • Expert Guidance through Diagnostic Process: Expert Differential Diagnosis modules guide you through the diagnostic decision-making process. Unique imaging clues help radiologists choose which diagnoses to consider and compare.
  • 1,100 Differential Diagnoses: The more than 1,100 differential diagnosis modules are based on anatomy, imaging patterns, clinical presentation or modality specific findings.
  • Evidence-Based: Each Differential is expert-based and statistically generated with the diagnoses ranked by Common, Less Common, or Rare.
  • Compare Diagnoses: Unique ‘Compare’ feature allows a side-by-side comparison of up to three diagnoses simultaneously.

Imaging Anatomy

  • 300 Anatomy Modules: Over 300 Anatomy modules. Each module includes normal anatomy color graphics, multiple modalities and planes, all extensively labeled.
  • Comprehensive Anatomy Topics: Each Imaging Anatomy module includes Terminology, Imaging Anatomy Issues, and Clinical Implications.

Patient Cases

  • 20,000 Patient Cases: Nearly 20,000 supporting individual patient cases, authored by world-renowned experts in radiology.
  • Easily Sortable: Sort cases by Typical/Variant, Modality, or Anatomy.
  • Clinical Details: Each case includes demographics, history, case description, and the author/contributor. The Description includes the author notes and annotations for the case. All cases include numerous labeled images.


  • System-Wide Search: Use the STATdx advanced Google Search engine to narrow in on the types of diagnoses, differential diagnoses, imaging anatomy, procedures, imaging findings, and RADTools you are searching for.
  • Anatomy Categories: Navigate the anatomy menu, which is organized by body region.

Global Translation

  • Global Search: STATdx Global Search allows users to search STATdx in 49 different languages.
  • Google Translations: Powered by Google™ Translations with search results in English.


STATdx Premier Features

STATdx Premier includes all of the features above, plus the following:


  • Quick Information When You Need It: RADTools is a compilation of common tools utilized by radiologists, often referred to as “look up” information for reports and patient care.
  • Reference Tables: Includes tables such as TNM and Cancer Staging Tables, work-up protocols, alignment angle references and classifications.
  • Calculators: Includes many types of calculators, including calculators to determine bone age and radiation dosages.


  • Procedure Details: Review concise and detailed information regarding simple radiological procedures performed by radiologists.
  • Step-by-Step Guidelines: Includes step-by-step guidelines, images, pre- , intra- and post-procedure tips, and common potential problems and complications.


  • Live References: Access to over 40,000 references with a click. Key references appear at the end of each diagnosis, selected by radiology experts.
  • RADsearch: RADsearch lets you search alternate information online from the same search field including PubMed, Key Radiology Journals, Google,Google Scholar, Google Images, and PDF Search. The full text is available in open access journals or through your journal subscription.


Efficiency Features

  • Favourites: Save your favourites and bookmark information for later review and easy access.
  • Track History: Review the last 10 topics you have viewed.
  • Compare Anywhere: Side-by-side comparison of up to three diagnoses.


Purchase Options

License Information
  • Annual License based on purchase date
  • No maintenance fees and continually updated at no charge
Individual License
  • Single user access only with username and password
Group & Institutional Licenses
  • Multi-user access purchased by Concurrent User (CU) seat
  • Concurrent User (CU) Seat Model: Number of concurrent user seats indicates number of simultaneous users.
    • Larger groups may require more than one CU Seat to adequately meet their utilization needs.
    • One seat usually provides adequate access for 8-10 users.
    • Access options are Institutional IP address or a username and password.
Academic Trainee License
  • Special licensing available to radiology trainees only
  • Access through username and password only
  • Each license includes 5 Concurrent User Seats
Academic Faculty License
  • Available to faculty of programs purchasing the STATdx academic license

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Technical Requirements

Access via the Internet using an individual username and password from a computer or mobile device that supports one of the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 7 or higher
  • Current version of Firefox
  • Current version of Chrome
  • Current version of Safari