Standard Terms and Conditions
Karger Libri International Subscription Agency Ltd.
  • Karger Libri shall be referred to as “The Agency”
  • All customer types (libraries, corporate, governmental, private, etc.) shall be referred to as “The Client”

Electronic Editions
Data Protection
Legal Order, Jurisdiction
Validity of the Terms and Conditions

1. Orders

1.1. Subscription Orders

The agency accepts all orders placed via email, fax, letter or phone and processes them without measurable delay. Any occurring problem shall be remedied by the agency immediately upon notification by the client.

The client's order references will be mentioned on the agency invoices and notices (for consolidated subscriptions also on delivery slips and labels).

If the subscription period differs from the one requested by the client, the agency will inform the client immediately. The agency will not be held liable for any missing issues not pertaining to any incorrect performance by the agency (e.g. delayed orders / payment to the publisher caused by the client).

1.2. Quotations

Quotations may be solicited at any time.
If not otherwise stipulated, quotations are valid for a period of 60 days from the date of issue. After this deadline, the quotation terms will be re-evaluated and re-issued, if so required, on the basis of current currency fluctuations and price changes.

1.3. Subscription Renewals

All subscriptions will automatically be renewed annually by the agency until cancelled by the client. The agency will send the client an annual renewal notice as a reminder.

1.4. Cancellations

Cancellations must reach the agency at least 3 months prior to the end of the current subscription period and must be sent in writing. Cancellations reaching the agency thereafter will not be accepted. To avoid this scenario, the client will be provided with a renewal notice from the agency (unless otherwise stipulated in a separate agreement) to remind him of the correct cancellation period. The agency will confirm the cancellations in writing.

2. Delivery

2.1. Direct Delivery

Issues will be delivered from the publisher directly to the client. All subscriptions will be processed as direct delivery, unless otherwise agreed.

2.2. Consolidation Service (RAPID)

Applying the RAPID service, issues will first be delivered to the agency and dispatched from there to the customer at regular intervals.

The costs for this service as well as the dispatch intervals will be stipulated in a separate agreement between the agency and the customer.

3. Claims

3.1. Direct Delivery
The client is responsible for regularly checking the deliveries and for immediately informing the agency about any problems concerning the delivery of the subscription issues. The agency will handle the client's claims promptly.

The client will receive a claim confirmation with the expected date of delivery. The client must repeat the claim if the issue does not arrive by that given date.

Clients may claim their subscription issues online through LibriAccess (please refer to “LibriAccess”).

3.2. Consolidation Service (RAPID)

Using the RAPID service, missing issues are automatically claimed by the agency. Claim periods are determined by the frequency of publication and the country of origin of the missing issue.

The client must check the delivery and notify the agency of any complaints within 4 weeks of the delivery's arrival.

4. Invoicing

4.1. Subscription Charges
The agency adds a service charge to the publisher's price (and postage).

Unless otherwise stipulated, the service charge rate depends on the country of origin of the ordered publication.

If the service charge does not reach the required minimum amount, the minimum charge will apply.

A list of the service charge rates is available upon request.

The agency reserves the right to adjust the service charges at its discretion.

4.2. Date of Invoicing

The agency will invoice the client as soon as the agency has issued the payment to the publisher.

4.3. Exchange Rates

The exchange rates stated on the invoice are equivalent to the rates valid at the time the agency paid the publisher's fee.

4.4. Value Added Tax (VAT)

Karger Libri Basel is registered with a German VAT number. The EU rules for VAT hence apply for invoicing customers in the respective countries within the European Union (EU).

The Swiss VAT applies for all Swiss clients. However, the Swiss VAT will not be applied for clients abroad, i.e. the agency charges the publisher's price minus the Swiss VAT.

4.5. Advance Invoices

If the client requests advance invoices for all orders or for orders that have not yet been invoiced, the client must inform the agency in due time (i.e. before the agency places the subscription order with the publisher).

Advance invoices are calculated applying the current exchange rate valid at the time of invoicing. Adjustment invoices that are issued after the agency has placed the order and paid the publisher are calculated at the current exchange rate valid at the time the agency issued the payment.

Early advance payments for the following year are rewarded with discounts. The current discount rates and due dates are available upon request.

4.6. Terms of payment

All agency invoices are payable within 30 days from the date of invoicing. However, we reserve the right to request payment within 10 days for special offers with a Karger Libri discount.

4.7. Price Changes

The agency has no influence on price changes determined by the publishers as listed below:
• Change of supplier / publisher
• Unpredictable prices changes during the subscription year
• Tier / categorization modifications
Price changes will therefore be charged to the customer's account.

5. Electronic Editions

5.1. Format / Required Details

If not declared otherwise on the client's order, the agency assumes that the client requests a print subscription (or print including free online access).

Client orders for electronic editions with costs must state the following details:
– Requested edition (print & online, online only, site license, etc.)
– IP address(es)
– Number of users
– Number of FTEs

5.2. Activation of Electronic Editions

The agency's order form to the publisher includes and asks for all details necessary for online activation. If the publisher does not react within in a reasonable period of time, the agency will repeat the request until it has received the information.

The agency will forward all client details to the publisher as stated on the client's order.

The agency assumes that renewal subscriptions which were previously activated will continue to be accessible. Most publishers grant periods of grace.

The agency will forward all publisher references to the client without delay.

The client will forward to the agency all publisher references that were sent directly from the publisher to the client. These references enhance the communication between the agency and the publisher.

The client is responsible for checking whether online access has been activated as it is impossible for the agency to check this on behalf of the client due to technical and legal restrictions.

Clients may use the web tool LibriAccess to request online activation for the subscriptions they ordered through Karger Libri (please refer to “LibriAccess”).

6. LibriAccess

Upon request, clients have access to LibriAccess, the agency's free web-based administration tool.
LibriAccess provides
– A summary of their subscriptions with the agency
– An efficient online claims management
– The option to request online activation for the electronic subscriptions.

Further details and instructions regarding LibriAccess are available at the agency's website (www.libri.ch).

7. Data Protection

The client data will be saved in the agency's system and will only be forwarded to third parties (publishers, vendors) in order to handle and process the orders.

The agency will not disclose any client data for marketing purposes.

8. Liability

8.1. In General

The agency is not liable for deficiencies and changes caused by the publishers (e.g. non-exhaustive enumeration):
  • Product deficiencies (with regard to content or to material consistence of the relevant issue)
  • Product changes (subscription period, frequency of publication, changes with regard to contents or to the material consistence of the relevant issue)
  • Deficiencies regarding accessibility to electronic editions.

8.2. Delivery / Claims
  • Direct Delivery: The agency is not liable for issues that have not been delivered or for issues that are delivered incomplete, damaged or which are out of print. Furthermore, the agency is not liable for claims which have been rejected by the publisher.
  • Consolidation Service (RAPID): The agency is not liable for missing issues that are not reported within 4 weeks from the delivery date, or for issues which have been damaged during shipment on their way from the agency to the client.

9. Legal Order, Jurisdiction

Swiss law shall apply. The legal venue for any dispute shall be the court at the agency's headquarters: Basel, Switzerland.

10. Validity of the Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are the basis for all products, services and deliveries provided by the agency. By placing an order, the client agrees on the agency's terms and conditions; by signing the Agreement, the Terms and Conditions hence automatically become an integral part of the Agreement.

If one or several of the aforementioned provisions are or become invalid, this will not affect the validity of the other provisions.

Any terms deviating from the above-mentioned Terms and Conditions shall be stipulated in writing in a separate agreement.



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