Direct Delivery
Consolidated Shipment - RAPID-Service

Fortunately, most publishers handle subscriptions correctly and efficiently. Nevertheless, it does happen that issues get lost in the post, arrive in imperfect condition, or publication starts late, etc. We offer a comprehensive claim service for these and related problems.

Please contact our customer service for further assistance with regard to claims.

Direct Delivery

We ask our customers to carefully check all incoming deliveries and to inform us immediately of any problem.

  • If an issue is missing or has arrived damaged, or if delivery has not started at all, you should immediately inform us. You can either inform us by e-mail, fax, letter or phone or you can use LibriAccess, which offers the possiblity to claim issues electronically via internet.
  • We send our claims to the publishers by e-mail, fax or letter. All our claims mention the relevant data required for identifying the subscription and processing the claims.
  • Each new and repeated claim will be confirmed upon request. Every confirmation indicates the date after which you should repeat your claim if the issue has not arrived by then.
  • In general, claims will only be repeated if you ask us to do so. You simply need to send us a copy of the last claim confirmation we sent you and add your remark.

    Please refer to our claiming manual for further details.

The following lists are available upon request:

  • Claim lists mentioning all unsettled claims, publisher's information and other details
  • List of all subscriptions on order and unsettled claims
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Consolidated Shipment - RAPID-Service

RAPID-Service guarantees delivery of all issues. Missing issues of RAPID-Service subscriptions are automatically claimed at regular intervals until they have been delivered. Our automatic claiming system offers the following advantages:
  • We inform the publishers on a regular basis which issues we last received and which issues are missing.

  • The interval between these claims depends on the country of origin of the publishers or suppliers to allow adequate time for delivery.

  • Missing issues will be claimed until they have arrived at our headquarters and been forwarded to our customer.

  • Customers with RAPID-Service subscriptions may still send us claims, of course, despite the automatic claiming system. In this case, we record the claim in our computer system provided that the issue has not arrived at our headquarters in the meantime. These claims can be confirmed upon request.
Sometimes, the automatic claiming system is also offered for direct delivery. However, it is extremely important that the customer informs us immediately after the claimed issue has arrived in order to avoid unnecessary claims to the publisher.
  • In the case of direct delivery, the customer informs us of any missing or damaged issue, as mentioned above.
  • We will process and, if requested; confirm the claim.
  • We will claim the missing issue until the customer informs us that the issue has arrived. The interval between these claims depends on the country of origin of the publisher or supplier to allow adequate time for delivery.
  • As soon as the customer confirms delivery, we will delete the claim.
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