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Our services also encompass the handling of electronic books. A wide range of e-book collections covering the major STM publishers is available through Karger Libri.
The digital editions of book serials, reference books, textbooks or monographs offer libraries several considerable advantages:

Advantages for your library
  • No extra costs for replacement copies (in case of damage or loss)
  • Less time required for stacking books
  • Saving of storage space
  • Processes will be simplified or even dropped completely: e.g. receipt and check-in of new books, or the circulation and loan process
  • As a result: medium to long term saving of costs
Advantages for your users
  • Simultaneous access
  • Available 24 hours a day
  • Search options and hyperlinking to other contents and works
  • Easy access: users can access titles via catalogue
  • External access (e.g. from home)
Purchasing your eBooks through Karger Libri

Publishers are now offering an increasing number of eBooks which cover a wide range of fields and services. Depending on the price model, e-books can either be purchased or are available on a subscription basis.

We are able to make the whole process of preparing and handling e-book orders easier and less time-consuming for you by providing assistance with:
  • Compilations of e-book packages of the various publishers based on your fields of interest
  • Price inquiries and contact with the publishers with regard to quotes
  • Trial requests
  • Handling of order procedures (in due consideration of each publisher’s policy)
Please contact us for further details and trial requests.

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