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What is LibriAccess?
Advantages of LibriAccess
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What is LibriAccess?

The rapidly increasing number of electronic journals and the numerous, ever-changing terms and price structures implicate an enormous administrative workload for librarians.

LibriAccess is an internet service designed to provide to reduce the workload and simplify access to electronic subscriptions.

Advantages of LibriAccess

– Improved Administration of Subscriptions
  • Complete listing of all subscriptions ordered through us including all relevant details and a link to the electronic version of the respective title.
  • Electronic claim management: Easy recording of new claims, summary of all current claims with the option to repeat or settle these by clicking on the respective button. We process or cancel your claims based on the transmitted data.
  • Current shipping status, provided this information is available
  • Listing of delivered issues of RAPID-Service subscriptions
  • Easy Registration of Electronic Subscriptions
– Easy Access to Electronic Journals
  • List of all electronic journals available to the customer (Table of Contents, Abstracts, Fulltex)
  • Automatic access to the List of Electronic Journals for all users within the IP range defined by the customer (access can also be granted with user ID and password)
  • Link to the respective journal (to the log-in site for fulltext access, whenever possible)
  • The publishers' references for access (e.g. subscription or customer number) are listed under each title if available
  • Each title states whether online access is included in the print subscription
  • Indication of ordered format (print, online, print and online etc.)

How to Apply for LibriAccess

LibriAccess can be made available as soon as you have placed subscription orders through us. Please contact our customer service if you would like us to set up LibriAccess for you.

You will need to provide
- full address of your institution
- your customer number, if known
- your IP address(es)

As soon as we have set up your LibriAccess account, you will receive detailed information on LibriAccess together with your user IDs and passwords. You can change your password via LibriAccess if you wish.

How to Access LibriAccess

Please go to the log-in site where you will find the links to the three lists.

Access Authorization

Access is restricted to registered customers. Librarians have access with their specific User ID and password

How to Use LibriAccess

You will receive detailed instructions as soon as we have set up LibriAccess for you.

Please contact our customer service for further information.

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