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Based in Basel/Switzerland, Karger Libri is a renowned subscription agency with long-term international experience and a very good reputation among the customers.

Acting as an intermediary in the provision of serials of all kinds, we help reduce the administration involved with the handling of subscriptions for publishers and customers.

In order to be able to cover the costs of our services, we rely on agency discounts from the publishers. If we do not receive discounts, we have to apply service charges, which is neither in your interest nor in ours. We therefore appreciate your granting us an appropriate agency discount.

We aim to maintain good relations with all publishers and appreciate any joint achievements or agreements that will facilitate the exchange of information or data.

By automating and standardising recurring tasks, we have been able to streamline and accelerate certain procedures. We also provide various tools for our customers to enhance the search for journal information. As we know from our web statistics, our current customers and other visitors use these tools very often.

As a medium-sized agency with excellent customer contacts, we recognise the needs of our clients.


We handle subscriptions to all kinds of serials for customers from all over the world. By consolidating orders, renewals, payments claims etc. we help reduce and facilitate the procedures involved in handling subscriptions. We send renewal reminders to most of our customers in order to prevent any unnecessary interruption of print and electronic subscriptions.

In order to be able to provide the service our customers expect from us, we require detailed title information as early as possible:
- Subscription prices, costs for shipping and handling, agency discount
- Details concerning electronic editions (availability, number of FTE's etc.)
- Access requirements for electronic editions, site licences etc.

Please contact us for inquiries concerning orders.


Many of our orders are accompanied by our prepayment, provided we have received your price information beforehand. If the subscription price is unknown or if you prefer to issue invoices, we pay upon receiving your invoice, either by cheque or bank transfer.
However, regardless of the method of payment, we pay you in your currency of choice.

Please inform us immediately of any price changes by sending us the new prices and indicating your agency discount.

Please contact us for information or inquiries concerning prices and payments.


Our claims are sent to you by e-mail, fax or letter and include all the relevant information you require for identifying the subscription.
Please contact our customer service for information or inquiries regarding claims and the delivery of issues.

We aim to keep the number of claims at a reasonable level. You, can help reduce the number of claims by sending us your dispatch dates in electronic format regularly. Please contact us for further details.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is becoming more and more important for our cooperation with publishers. We aim to send and receive data in electronic format whenever possible (either by e-mail or via FTP), since this helps accelerate the processing of daily routine work. We have made arrangements with some of the larger publishers to send our renewal orders via FTP. This has proved to be very efficient for the publishers and us.

We could also exchange the following data in electronic format:

  • Price Lists
  • Claims
  • Claim replies
  • Enduser Information
  • Invoices
  • Publication Dates

If the data to be exchanged reaches a certain quantity, it would be wise to verify the possibilities of standardising the exchange. Please contact us for further details.

Electronic Journals and LibriAccess

Access to electronic subscriptions is a constant issue which reaches its peak during the renewal season. We have, therefore, gone to great lengths to improve the procedures involved in providing access to electronic subscriptions.

First of all, we place our orders well in advance in order to prevent the customer's account from being disconnected. Our orders state which kind of subscription the customer requests, and in the case of consolidation subscriptions we mention the enduser address for your information.

We are fully aware of the fact that the renewal season implicates an enormous amount of work and that not all subscription orders can be processed by the end of the year. Some publishers have therefore started to grant grace periods, i.e. online access is prolonged for a period of up to three months, until most of the subscription orders for the following year have been processed. We highly recommend this procedure as the number of claims and complaints regarding access have decreased considerably.

Furthermore, by sending us your subscription references and any online access instructions immediately after you have entered the subscription, you will contribute significantly to a smooth start or continuation of our customers' subscriptions. These references and details will, of course, immediately be forwarded to the customer. The references will also be noted in our computer system for future communication with the publisher, in order to make it easier for the publisher to identify the subscription.

Please always inform us in advance if

  • further titles become available in electronic format
  • access requirements change
  • prices for the electronic edition change

In connection with electronic journals we offer our institutional customers a web-based service called LibriAccess which facilitates the handling of their electronic subscriptions. We provide

  • information on the format of their subscriptions
  • access information (subscription or customer number etc.) if received from the publisher
  • link to the journal's log-in site

Please contact our customer service regarding all aspects of electronic subscriptions.

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